7 Steps to Choosing a Freight Forwarder

1. Is the freight forwarder’s company able to handle your global business?

ICExpress have various carrier contracts enabling us to get your shipment on the first ship or cartage hauler available. We are able to place shipments with alternate options, making it extremely important for all shipments.

2. Can the freight forwarder handle the product you want to ship?

ICExpress has moved many different commodities, from Mining trucks to Coffee beans from/to many different global destinations. We are qualified to handle most shipments and advise on the best method.

3. Does the freight forwarder have a good network of global agents at origin/destination ports?

ICExpress has a global presence through our network of carriers throught South Africa and the World.

4. Does the freight forwarder keep you updated on the progress of your shipment?All domestic shipments are traceable immediately through our website. All international shipments are updated twice weekly through a progress report communicated directly to the client.

5. Can they give you good references ?

ICExpress has an enviable list of client references which are available following a request for same.

6. Does the freight forwarder have cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is optional on all shipments and ICExpress recommend that this is taken out. It is surprisingly inexpensive.

7. Do they secure the best pricing with truck lines, air freight companies, whilst not compromising on service?

ICExpress only uses the best carriers, whilst keeping pricing competitive.