Clearing and Forwarding

ICExpress is a Specialist Freight Forwarder and Clearing agent brokerage.

All goods entering or departing South Africa needs customs clearance. Certain documents are required to clear South African customs depending on the commodity of the goods. ICExpress has direct access to SARS customs clearance allowing us to assist in clearing shipments fast and economically. ICExpress handles the complete process including customs clearance, paying all port dues, Customs VAT, paying Shipping line charges and delivering your shipment to your door if required.

ICExpress as the Freight Forwarder : Essentially, once receiving shipping instructions from our client, facilitates the export and/or import as follows:-

  • store the cargo belonging to the clients at our warehouse/or our partners’ until ready to ship
  • arrange the distribution or “forwarding” of the cargo as per the instructions of our client.. This could be a regular routing or various routings
  • negotiate freight rates with the shipping line to cover the fastest and most economical route
  • book the cargo with the shipping line as per the requirement of the shipment
  • prepare bills of lading and associated shipping/negotiating documentation
  • issue the approved house bill of lading as applicable
  • do Customs Clearance

ICExpress as the Clearing Agent broker : Essentially takes care of the customs clearance aspect of the shipment:-

  • arranges to pass the relevant documents at customs
  • arrange for customs inspections as required
  • check and process Duty and CUSTOM VAT payments as applicable
  • apply for refunds etc where applicable
  • ICExpress also undertakes Clearing for shipments that we have not been the Freight Forwarder

These are the major differences between a Freight Forwarder and Clearing Agent..